INCAP and EVOCON case study - digitalization of vacation management

May 20, 2024
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This time, at the FREE WEBINAR, our guests are Ene Tampuu, CFO of Incap Electronics Estonia OÜ, and Ahto Krõlov, co-founder and CFO of Evocon OÜ.

Although the companies differ in size, with INCAP having fewer than 150 employees and Evocon having 30 employees, they are united by one thing – a desire to work efficiently and the courage to make forward-looking decisions.

These decisions may not be comfortable, and there are plenty of risks. How to get decision-makers on board, especially in a situation where economic security is fragile? What to do to engage the whole company and ensure that the new solution starts working successfully from the beginning?

We will also talk about the fear of digitalization from the perspectives of both employees and managers.

What are the experiences of our guests:

  • What were the fears of the managers
  • Did the fear that some employees would never start using Yester come true
  • What is the actual digital competence of people
  • What are the prerequisites for successfully implementing a digital solution
  • One for all – do all the company’s needs have to be met in one environment?

We will also include the main participant – Yesteri, in the discussion.

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