Oliver's return

Sep 23, 2022
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Times have changed in few years and the fact that your coworker is not in the office does not mean he or she is not working. Or does it? Maybe they are in home office, in a training, on a business trip, have fallen ill or taken a vacation. You just do not know. Taka a look at what happed with Oliver when he returned from vacation. You may find it funny, but its a true story.

The summer was still firmly in his heart, the asphalt was melting under the blazing sun and the air conditioner was howling at full power in the office, but Oliver wasn’t upset about it. He had made the most of his vacation and was now eager to get on with work, even though he didn’t notice much overcrowding in the office. The coffee machine in the kitchen was sitting unused in the corner and the meeting room schedule was completely blank.

The decision to leave the computer at work during his vacation was the right one - the inbox was flooded with unanswered emails. A sneaky smirk appeared on Oliver’s face when he hovered the mouse cursor over the “Delete all” button, but only for a brief moment and as a joke. “Oh well, let’s get to it” he motivated himself, took a deep breath of the crisp office air and stretched his tanned fingers over the keyboard: “Let’s start from the beginning!” However, the harsh truth soon became clear - the empty office didn’t mean that all the colleagues were working hard in their home offices, but that almost every email or meeting invite received nothing but “I’m on vacation!” as a response.

Oliver got the feeling that it would be impossible to get any work done amid such a midsummer siesta. After reading all these auto-replies, it seemed that nothing would happen work-wise until next week. Sitting alone in the office didn’t seem like a prospect either, so Oliver headed to the office of the accountant, Jane. Who knows, perhaps he still has some vacation days left until the end of the year, which he could use right now? However, the accountant’s locked door also displayed a sign stating “I’m on vacation!”, which was hardly a surprise at this point.

Slightly disturbed by the silliness of the situation, he headed to Emma, the head of the department, to present his idea of extra vacation days, but she wasn’t there either. According to her assistant, she had fallen ill and removed herself from work for a while. Not knowing the exact status of his vacation days, Oliver wrote his vacation request on a piece of paper, placed it on the desk of the head of the department and shook the dust of the office from his feet.

A week later, he returned to the office buzzing with people and had the brilliant idea that the whole team should start using Yester, which provides a quick and clear overview of who is on vacation, when and for how long, who has fallen ill, is working from home or is away on a training course. Additionally, all kinds of applications can be made even by phone, which the manager can approve quickly and conveniently. Furthermore, the corresponding information is automatically passed on to the payroll software, without requiring any additional actions from anyone. As a bonus, at any point in time, all parties have an overview of how many vacation days they have left until the end of the year.

Absence management is one of the most popular solutions offered by Yester, which, in addition to providing a good overview, allows you to save nearly 80% of the time spent on creating vacation schedules, making applications, approvals and entering the information into a payroll system. It just makes life easier! For everyone.

Oliver’s proposal to implement Yester was well received and the following year, before returning to the office, Oliver already knew exactly which of his colleagues were back at work and which projects he could start working on right away after his summer vacation.



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