Vacations, sick leaves, home office

Sep 01, 2022
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Yester team has had different experiences of applying for vacation or letting your lead know that you’ve fallen ill. We have filled out applications in Excel, called the accountant, written e-mails and logged into the employer's server via VPN to fill out the application there. But it can be done better.

In May 2022, a webinar was held with Merit Palk and Yester, where we introduced how it is possible to make absences easy for both - the user and the company. In September there will be a webinar with Taavi Personal, and soon also a Morning coffee with Merit Palk.

Here you can find a link to rewatch webinar with Merit Palk and Taavi Personal.

Watch the webinar with Merit Palk here

Watch the webinar with Taavi Personnel here

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