Begin time management and Yester

Apr 14, 2023
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Begin and Yester are integrated and saves you a lot of time. Let’s use our time to do something valuable, think how to improve our own companies, how to solve critical issues, but don't use it to simply enter data from one system to another.

How tedious and error-prone it is to enter data from one system to another. Yester knows this, and that's why we've created an integration with Begin time management.

1. All users who are in Yester and their working time needs to be scheduled will automatically go to Begin

2. User leave dates transfer seamlessly from Yester to Begin

3. When an employee leaves, Yester disables that employee in Begin as well

4. If you get sick today and make a sick leave application in Yester, this information will be immediately transferred to Begin's time management. Of course, the employee's direct manager and the HR person will also receive information about this.

Let’s put our effort into the work that counts and leave the data movement to the software. Test how this solution works in your company and you will not regret.

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