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Yester is a tool that helps you to create and manage your everyday processes. It is like a lego, where you can create workflows unique to your company or choose one from our library.

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Yester's solution is very user friendly, simple, logical, and its price-quality ratio is in place.
Customer support is extremely helpful, fast and knowledgeable.
We at ESTEVE AS now have a much more beautiful and bureaucracy-free life

Kristel Jaal, ESTEVE HR Partner

Times before Yester - I do not miss them back

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Here are some examples of processes Yester can help improve. Note that many of them are not considered processes at all, but simply “part of working life”. Whatever the workflow, Yester makes them more efficient and faster.


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We aim to create value

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Yester is flexible and can be used to accommodate very different and unique workflows. Forget process management using pen and paper, Excel or other outdated tools. From vacation management, non-conformities and equipment management to employee onboarding or offboarding, Yester will give you a clear overview of the status of your processes.

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Different people repeating the same task multiple times is not only a waste of time but also a real motivation killer. Yester helps you set up your processes in a clear way so that every task has a responsible person or a group. It integrates your current software to reduce excess manual work.

In Yester you set the order of tasks to be performed and have a clear understanding of who is responsible for each task. Everyone has an overview of who has to perform the current task and what needs to be done to move forward.

Processes will be faster as the path has been set and everyone knows what to do and when. There will be no wondering who is currently responsible or whether the task has already been completed.

Receiving client feedback requires immediate attention. With Yester, everyone who needs to be involved will receive a notification with an overview of the matter in hand. No chain emails, duplicated problem solving or forgetting to react.

Yester allows you to react to your current needs by simply developing your workflow. For example, if the purchase manager needs to be involved in a client feedback process, the change can be made quickly and seamlessly. Or if your company decides to reduce approvals of a vacation process - it’s just a quick change and can be done without weeks of development.

With Yester your everyday workflows will be seamless and “Yes it’s done” will be common phrase.

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YESTER Workflow


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