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Yester is a tool that helps you to create and manage your everyday processes. It is like a lego, where you can create workflows unique to your company or choose one from our library.

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Here are some examples of processes Yester can help improve. Note that many of them are not considered processes at all, but simply “part of working life”. Whatever the workflow, Yester makes them more efficient and faster.

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  • Create a vacation application followed by approval based on company structure. Have easy access to vacation balances, previous vacation applications and current state of ongoing applications. Employees can see the company's holiday schedule and receive information about upcoming holidays or activities related to their holidays. Managers can create holidays for several people at once, and to simplify the process, holiday applications can be confirmed via e-mail. For automatic data flow, Yester can be integrated with various payroll software, incl. Merit Palk, Taavi Palk and Pilvepalk.

  • Notify your team that you are sick. Your manager receives a direct notification of your sick leave and your colleagues are able to see it in the calendar. When you are feeling well again, you can end your sick leave.

  • Make an application to go on a business trip, to issue expenses or simply to inform colleagues that you are away from the office. In the company calendar it is possible to see who is away from the office and when.

  • Inform your colleagues that you’re working from home. This can be done, for example, by indicating your absence in the calendar or sending an automatic email to your team.

  • Make an application to undergo training and receive approval from your manager or, for example, the human resources manager. The company's calendar will reflect your absence.

  • Improve your onboarding process by making it simpler and automated, and get a clear overview of the entire process. Order equipment for the new employees, assign rights to different systems and buildings, and set up trainings. Initiate the workflow ahead of the arrival of your new colleague to ensure all requests for equipment, access rights and training are sent to the relevant departments in time.

  • Customize your offboarding process to ensure that it’s seamless and nothing is left without attention. Make sure that the final discussion has taken place, all equipment has been returned, user rights have been removed etc.

  • Order equipment for yourself or for your team (new computer, shoes, work clothes etc). The request is received by the responsible person or department and the employee can confirm when they have received the equipment. With an overview of all received equipment, you will have an overview of your company’s assets.

  • Vajaduste muutudes saab teha taotlusi süsteemiõiguste juurde andmiseks või peatamiseks. Õiguste muutmise kinnitusring tagab, et kellelegi ei anta või võeta õiguseid ära kogemata ning kõigil on ligipääsud, mis neil olema peavad.

  • Notify through Yester that your personal data, e.g. your bank account number has changed to make sure the request will not be lost in the e-mails.

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  • What workflow causes you problems on a daily basis and needs to be improved? Yester is created to digitalize and improve your workflows, try it out.

Bag Everyday tasks

  • Gather customer feedback through suggestions or complaints. The feedback can come in various forms and is a highly important source of information. Yester helps you manage the process unique to your company, involving all relevant employees by creating a suitable workflow and providing an overview of the current state of customer suggestions or complaints.

  • Let your IT know of suggestions or create a ticket to solve a problem. Users are informed of who is dealing with their issue and when to expect a solution.

  • Create logbooks of the mileage of your company vehicles or compensate your personnel for using their own transportation. With Yester you can keep track of all business trips made by company or personal vehicles.

  • Manage your purchases by creating purchase orders and set workflows and rules for its approvals

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We aim to create value

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Yester is flexible and can be used to accommodate very different and unique workflows. Forget process management using pen and paper, Excel or other outdated tools. From vacation management, non-conformities and equipment management to employee onboarding or offboarding, Yester will give you a clear overview of the status of your processes.

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Different people repeating the same task multiple times is not only a waste of time but also a real motivation killer. Yester helps you set up your processes in a clear way so that every task has a responsible person or a group. It integrates your current software to reduce excess manual work.

In Yester you set the order of tasks to be performed and have a clear understanding of who is responsible for each task. Everyone has an overview of who has to perform the current task and what needs to be done to move forward.

Processes will be faster as the path has been set and everyone knows what to do and when. There will be no wondering who is currently responsible or whether the task has already been completed.

Receiving client feedback requires immediate attention. With Yester, everyone who needs to be involved will receive a notification with an overview of the matter in hand. No chain emails, duplicated problem solving or forgetting to react.

Yester allows you to react to your current needs by simply developing your workflow. For example, if the purchase manager needs to be involved in a client feedback process, the change can be made quickly and seamlessly. Or if your company decides to reduce approvals of a vacation process - it’s just a quick change and can be done without weeks of development.

With Yester your everyday workflows will be seamless and “Yes it’s done” will be common phrase.

Tell us what workflow you need to yester!
YESTER Workflow
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How we do it?

Everything that can be described can be yestered!

Start with the workflow you wish to improve. Think it through so it would be simple and without “waste”.

What information needs to flow in the process? The data could come from users who input it through forms or from other software. Include also all notifications that need to be delivered to users in different workflow stages.

Think of the users who would use the workflow, what are their user roles and approval route. The route could be based on the company hierarchy or you could create a unique route using groups.

What would be the languages the users would be most comfortable with? In Yester you can translate processes to different languages.

It is usual that process do not start or end in Yester. Think of the integrations needed and let’s make it happen.

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