Creating vacation schedules doesn't have to be a nightmare

Dec 05, 2023
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Creating vacation schedules at the beginning of each year is a challenge that tests even the most tough managers. Join usin a free webinar where we will show you a solution to this problem.

According to research, we spend 42 minutes every day performing completely unnecessary administrative tasks, plus 26 minutes using old and poorly performing technological solutions. Now think about how vacation scheduling is organized in your workplace? Are you still shuttling between emails, vacation requests, digital signatures and Excel spreadsheets trying to accommodate the wishes and preferences of every employee across the organization? And all this on the side of your main job?

Wouldn't that time be much better spent creating value for the company, or at least sleeping longer on dark winter mornings? But where the concern is greatest, there the solution is closest.

Vacation schedules quickly and compactly

Yester is a web-based tool that makes creating and managing vacation schedules compact, convenient, and fast for all parties involved. In addition to the fact that it is possible to simultaneously manage vacation applications of all employees in Yester, it is also pleasing to the eye - the graphs are visually clear and informative, giving a good overview of both the current state of vacations and future plans. During the vacation planning period, information exchange and communication through Yester is fast and efficient.

It is clear that the holiday schedule is only true at one time in the year, on March 31. After that, real life begins when you want to move, extend or cancel vacations altogether. At this point, however, the holiday schedule created with great effort is already outdated. This does not help us make good decisions or plan our work effectively.

This is where a real-time solution that is available at any moment and compatible with Google, Outlook or Apple calendar comes in handy. Making changes in Yester is easy, and statements can be changed even after the vacation schedule has been approved. Also, compared to before, it is significantly easier to report unexpected illnesses or why not work in the home office. The automatic movement of data between payrolls is the dot on the "i".

Considers the needs of your business

Yester is like lego, from which you can build a system that takes into account the needs of your organization or company. All you need to do is think through your specific needs and create the most suitable solution for you based on them:

  • Who prepares the vacation schedule - the employees themselves or the head of the department?
  • Should the collective holiday be included in the holiday schedule in advance?
  • How long can vacations be and what are the restrictions on vacation planning in your company?
  • Do you have to plan a vacation for at least 28 days or is 21 days enough?
  • What types of vacations do you want the employee to be able to plan on their own schedule?
  • Do employees know what their vacation balances are?
  • Should employees be able to choose when their holiday pay will be paid out?

Give yourself the gift of time

"I don't miss the time before Yester was introduced in our company," said one of our good customers, an accountant at a large hotel. What if you too simplified your life significantly in 2024 and adopted Yester's vacation planning and management solution?

Already on January 11, we will introduce Yester's possibilities and solutions in more detail and answer questions at the webinar. Register for a free webinar:

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