Creation of LEAVE SCHEDULES and automatic movement of DATA between Taavi and Yester

Aug 22, 2023
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Yester and Taavi are to help make creating leave schedules for 2024 easy. In addition, we introduce new integration where even employees data moves between Yester and Taavi

Excel is awesome, but there is much better possibility to create leave schedules…

YESTER has a solution for you, with which you can easily plan vacations in the calendar:

• the employee for themself

• the head of department to his/her own team

After creating the leave schedule, there is a approval round where the manager can review the schedule.

Life has its own plans - the schedule is not set in stone. Leave can be canceled or changed if needed. We also remind you when the leave is about to start, and then you can make the final corrections.

We also introduce updates in the data exchange between Taavi and Yester:

  • Employees no longer need to be manually entered into Yester. The employee is automatically created from Taavi Personal to Yester.
  • The employee's leave applications are sent to Taavi Personal before the leav start
  • No more telling employees how many leave days they have left - they can check it themselves in Yester.

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