Merit Palk + Yester + Begin time management

Apr 17, 2023
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Does beginning of the month feel like the busiest time of the month due payroll calculations and a lot of time is wasted on data entry? We are happy to offer you a solution designed to make your life easier.

Together with Merit Palk and Begin, we are happy to offer you a solution designed to make your life easier. What exactly are we talking about?

  1. No need to enter users manually. Users are automatically created in different systems. By creating a user in Merit Palk, user is created to Yester and from Yester to Begin.
  2. When an employee leaves the company, the employee's account is also closed in Yester and Begin.
  3. Apprived holiday leaves are forwarded from Yester to Merit Palk for payroll calculations and to Begin for work schedule calculation.
  4. Information about leave schedules created in Yester iare sent to Begini and Merit Palk.
  5. If an employee gets sick and makes a sick leave in Yester, the direct manager is immediately informed, and this information is also sent to Begin - everyone  knows immediately who cannot be at work today. 

These are just a few examples of how the new ecosystem will make your life easier.

We give you time to deal with more important issues than entering data from one system to another. Fewer errors and the information is always as up to date, plus you have an overview of all leaves.

You can review our webiar here - Vacations

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