Leave requests and creating a annual leave calendar with Taavi Personal

Feb 03, 2023
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On February 14, a webinar was held with Taavi Personal, where we introduced the new functionality for creating a annual leave schedule. We talked about what you can benefit from reducing your daily work through leave request automation and how Yester can help you with this.

The webinar can be watched via this link: Watch from here

In the video, we introduce the solution if you wish that

  • Department managers and/or employees can create leave schedules for themselves or their team
  • Employees can submit leave applications digitally, report being sick or work from home
  • Management can confirme leave applications
  • You will be notofied if you need to approve a leave in Yester
  • You always have an overview of who is on leave or out of the office when
  • Everyone has an overview of their unused vacation days
  • Leave applications are automatically sent to Taavi

We also briefly introduced:

  • Expense reports
  • Business trip applications and reports
  • Employee statements
  • Car logbooks
  • Non-conformities and customer complaints
  • Make observations or send unique tasks to the team
  • How to view compnany manuals
  • Create a unique workflow that suits you or customize existing ones

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